Monday, June 25, 2012

Romantic Poetry

Here's a Romanticist poem from the previous Litera Team, a paired activity.  Good enough as an initial attempt at serious poetry writing. They were also made to render the images presented in the poem.  Will post the artwork soon.  For now, hope webquestors will find this pleasing to the inward eye.

The Shadows of Life
NG and DQ

Are life and death really that far apart?
One night, you feel so forgotten and lost, 
Fighting those shadows and seeing no cost.
That is how I feel with this broken heart.

Large waves come crashing down creating art.
Sad and abandoned, you begin to frost.
Your heart stops beating, in a silent pause,
battered and beaten, a thunderstorm starts.

Mother Nature's tears pour down on lonely shores.
The sky darkens and amplifies the moon.
Tortured and cheated, it breaks down my core.
There's no hope in life, death is coming soon.

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