Monday, December 12, 2011

Renaissance Graphic Organizers

Here are new graphic organizers from the current Litera Team, this time about the Renaissance. Click the images for a better view.

from Ryan and Jerome

from Jose

 from Raffy

and Emil and Riggs

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Thanks to the contributors for making us learn from you.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

oedipus: victim of fate?

This same question is raised in classrooms that take up this subject all over the world. And for certain, responses are available in the web. Here's one from my current Litera Team.

I believe that Oedipus was fated from the very beginning of the story to suffer in tragedy, and he was used as a puppet of the gods to portray what Greeks shouldn’t do. I would also like to think that his actions/ attitude alone merited such punishment because he thought highly of himself. We can see this vanity and high self-evaluation in the line: “It is I, you know me, the world knows my fame. I am Oedipus.” Another instance is when he said: “Why is it that you pray to the gods? I will be the one to solve your problems”. In Greek literature, the gods are of higher ranking compared to men, and because Oedipus knows and proclaims that he can solve the riddles instead of turning to the gods, he is proclaiming in a way that he is better than the gods. His anger and high-rating of himself merited his downfall, but despite all of this he would have suffered the same fate anyway, because for the Greeks: No one escapes fate.

To Ryan, thank you for writing and sending to me. The others didn't bother. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Autobiographical Essay continued

Here's the second installment of the Autobiographical Essay excerpts...

It was already dark when my mother arrived. I underwent an X-ray and a CT scan at her request. Tired and weak, I needed to use a wheelchair to go from one room to another. Later on, I learned that one of the passengers had a spine injury while two passengers were rushed to a nearer hospital due to more serious injuries. It was already 11 P.M when I was discharged from the hospital. From the ambulance up to that moment, I was secretly crying, amazed with the second life I received from God. from ML 

Even now I still think about how much computer games ruined my life. If only I knew how to balance my time then, the result should have been better and if only I fought my laziness and put my studies as my top priority during those times it would have turned out the other way around. Honestly speaking this event did not really change my life. Afterwards my grades got even worse because I figured that I got used to grades in line of 7s.I think it’s already too late for me and I don’t want others to end up like me so I hope someone will learn from my experience. from JP

I wanted to answer the question, just like any student being called to recite avoiding humiliation but my mind seemed empty.

“1+1???”, the teacher repeated, but this time, in a much irritating sound comparable to a can scratching a rough floor.

But I didn’t know how to answer it. It seemed that the numbers written on the board were missing, so how can I look for it? To save myself from further humiliation, or to lessen it, at least, I made an educated guess.
“Maam, 1+1 is equal to…”, I said with suspense.
“Is equal to???”, the teacher asked excitedly.
“Is equal to…9! 1+1 is equal to 9!” I replied with excitement.
That feeling of excitement faded away easily when I realized that everybody was laughing, even my teacher. - from BB

Once again, my gratitude goes with the students who supplied these superb anecdotes. I wish them luck.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Autobiographical Essay

One of the latest outputs from the litera team is an autobiographical essay or narrative. It is chosen as the first exercise because it makes the writer share an experience. We all have stories to tell and it's best to start formal studies in writing with a familiar experience. Many writing classes make the usual attempts by asking students to write about an unforgettable experience or a memorable summer vacation. While these are usual prompts in writing, there may be other ways or strategies to make a student-writer plan what will be shared. The key is in the coaching.

The following excerpts are from outputs that took three to four drafts. While they can still be further improved, they are chosen for their unique merits.

Here's the first installment.
Finally, an event happened that made me feel that I really had a singing talent. When I was in Second Grade my teachers told us to sing any song, either in pairs, group or solo. My friend and I decided to sing together. When we finally ended singing, I was called by our teacher in Music. He asked me to join in a program of our school to sing “Beauty and the Beast” with my classmate. At first I didn’t feel like participating in that program because I had that shame and fear of singing in a huge crowd, something I still possess until now. When the final moment came, I felt really pressured, but when I sang the song I felt really relieved and happy because the crowd cheered for me. At first I thought that they were cheering because of my costume as a beast, but after singing our teachers applauded us and said we were really good singers. That was my first performance on stage, and it encouraged me to perform in more programs in school. by EJ

* * *

Days have gone so fast. We need to accept that he is gone. We need to let him fly above the sky, he is now with God in heaven but the memories he made for us were the memories we will never forget. Until now, I haven't forgotten my grandfather because he helped me know more about myself. He taught me to open my mind and heart to the things around me by teaching me to appreciate the achievements even the loses. I should appreciate them because I did my very best. by Jeff

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Graphic Organizers

Here are some Graphic Organizers from the present Litera Team. These organizers are about the Middle Ages and the genius of the period, Dante Alighieri.

Thanks to RB, AO, GdlC, and CE.

Click on the images for a bigger and better view.

While we willingly share these works, it would be better if you cite the source.