Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lorenzo, the Play, a review

Here's a short review of the play Lorenzo from the recent Litera Team members.  We have been quiet for a while (6 months and counting) and we found a way to temporarily cut our slumber with this one.  Thanks Ryan.

"Lorenzo" is a rock opera about a Filipino named Laurence, a modern OFW who awaits execution in the Middle East for killing his employer for attempted rape.  In his misery and depression, Laurence finds solace and meaning in the life and martyrdom of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz (patron of overseas workers) and decides to write a play about the saint.  The play-within-a-play unveils the life story of the saint which becomes the channel by which Laurence turns back to God.  "Lorenzo" has many serious and dark moments with amusing and entertaining pop culture references, all the while remaining true blue to the heroic spirit and example of Ruiz.  Aside from a plethora of emotions and intense earworm, the viewer leaves the theater with one question on his head:  Am I too, ready to die, out of love for my God and for my faith?

Should there be a re-staging, go ahead and watch it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life as Troubling as King Lear

Can life really be as troubling as how the play, King Lear, presented it?
This is the question raised in one of our major assessments on King Lear. They were given four quotations about the play from the experts and were asked to choose two to support their arguments. These three were chosen as the better responses.
Slightly edited and modified for our readers' convenience.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Finally we give you the latest update from the new litera team.

Here are some of their infographics on the middle ages.  It's a really cool way to encapsulate learning.  And students enjoy doing it!

Thanks to the students who submitted these fine works.

 here they combine ideas on feudalism and monarchy

while here they focus on two diseases during the period

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