Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Autobiographical Essay continued

Here's the second installment of the Autobiographical Essay excerpts...

It was already dark when my mother arrived. I underwent an X-ray and a CT scan at her request. Tired and weak, I needed to use a wheelchair to go from one room to another. Later on, I learned that one of the passengers had a spine injury while two passengers were rushed to a nearer hospital due to more serious injuries. It was already 11 P.M when I was discharged from the hospital. From the ambulance up to that moment, I was secretly crying, amazed with the second life I received from God. from ML 

Even now I still think about how much computer games ruined my life. If only I knew how to balance my time then, the result should have been better and if only I fought my laziness and put my studies as my top priority during those times it would have turned out the other way around. Honestly speaking this event did not really change my life. Afterwards my grades got even worse because I figured that I got used to grades in line of 7s.I think it’s already too late for me and I don’t want others to end up like me so I hope someone will learn from my experience. from JP

I wanted to answer the question, just like any student being called to recite avoiding humiliation but my mind seemed empty.

“1+1???”, the teacher repeated, but this time, in a much irritating sound comparable to a can scratching a rough floor.

But I didn’t know how to answer it. It seemed that the numbers written on the board were missing, so how can I look for it? To save myself from further humiliation, or to lessen it, at least, I made an educated guess.
“Maam, 1+1 is equal to…”, I said with suspense.
“Is equal to???”, the teacher asked excitedly.
“Is equal to…9! 1+1 is equal to 9!” I replied with excitement.
That feeling of excitement faded away easily when I realized that everybody was laughing, even my teacher. - from BB

Once again, my gratitude goes with the students who supplied these superb anecdotes. I wish them luck.

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