Friday, April 2, 2010

Stars not yet Dead

What's a possible theme for "Dead Stars" by Paz Marquez Benitez?

Here's one who bothered to send me his response to the writing exercise.

Thanks Dene. Hope the others will follow suit even if they are looking forward to other endeavors.

Life waits for no one; we must not go unhurried. We are sometimes given choices which we must grab at once; for if these are lost, it may be too late and we may be unable to choose. Alfredo was always unhurried, too unhurried, and because of this he was unable to choose between his heart and his mind. Life waits for no one; even youth will blemish and vanish with all its radiance if we make delays. We can live life to the fullest but we must not forget that there will come a time when we shall move on. Life has different phases which will progress and will not wait for us, especially if we move at a slow pace. There is no place in this world where faded gardens bloom again, and where live on in unchanging freshness, the clear, dead loves of vanished youth. For in this world, even the brightest stars in heaven do not last forever, for there will be a time when even these stars will lose their luster and cease to shine.

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