Saturday, December 5, 2009

Helen Taken, War Begins!

By Redd Marc Star.

The prize of Aphrodite- Helen has been abducted from the hands of her husband Menelaus by the Prince of Troy, Paris.

Helen, Named as the most beautiful human in the entire world, has been taken by Paris as he claims the prize of the most beautiful human from Aphrodite. On the shores of Sparta, he saw the beauty of Helen and was seduced by her. He then took away Helen from her mainland as well as with her husband. This causes the war between the two nations.

Being a king and a husband, King Menelaus tried to take his wife back causing the war between the mainland Greece, and a city of Troy. Trojan soldiers as well as its official faced the army of thousand ships and thousand of Greek soldiers, but their forces were not as strong as the Greeks causing their defeat.

Paris kidnapping Helen from King Menelaus.

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